Lager Heads Tap Room & Brewery
(330) 721-2337
325 W. Smith Road, Medina, Ohio 44256

Beers On Draft

Barnburner – German Style Lager – 6% ABV – 27 IBU
Brewed with Pilsner & Munich Light malts, this beer provides a perfect balance between malt and hops. Barnburner leads off with a slightly grainy sweetness and finishes crisp with a noble hop character contributed by German Herbrucker hops. Available all year round.
16oz draft $5.50 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crolwer $6.50 / 64oz Growler $11 (Takeout Only)
6-pack $11 (Takeout Only)

Bed Head Red – Irish Red Ale – 5.9% ABV – 28 IBU
Sláinte! A style derived from English Bitters & Pale Ales that was originally brewed in Kilkenny, Ireland at the Smithwick Brewery in 1710. An ale that focuses on malt character rather hops that is sure to please everyone. Bed Head Red has a moderate malt character that starts off with caramel & toasted notes and finishes with a slightly roasty character. This beer is brewed with Pale Malt, Weyerman CaraRed and a small amount of Roasted Barley. Available all year round
16oz draft $5.50 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crowler $6.50 / 64oz Growler $11 (Takeout only)
6-pack $11 (Takeout only)

Supposedly IPA – West Coast Style IPA – 6.2% ABV – 67 IBU
A beer all about the hops hops hops! The grain bill consists of mostly Pilsner malt with a little bit of Munich Light malt to let the hops shine in this IPA. Aggressively hopped with Amarillo, Centennial and Summit leads to a hop profile of grapefuit, pine & resin. Finishes dry. This is a one off beer that may see its way back again.
16oz draft $6 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crowler $7.50 / 64oz Growler $13 (Takeout only)

Mamma Blossom – Fruited Kolsch – 5% ABV – 22 IBU
A Kolsch style ale with a hint of grapefruit. A perfect beer to sip on while enjoying a freshly cut lawn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your hard work
16oz draft $5.50 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crowler $6.50 / 64oz Growler $11 (Takeout only)

6-Pack $11 (Takeout only)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wild Banshee – American Style Barleywine – 12.2% ABV – 45 IBU
Aged for 26 months in first generation Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. Notes of dried stone fruit and malt lead to a charred oak and slight vanilla finish. Extremely limited one off
12oz pour $6.50
32oz Crowler $11 / 64oz Growler $20 (Takeout only)

Savage Stout – Oatmeal Stout – 6.4% ABV – 27 IBU
A dark, full bodied & roasty ale that uses flaked oats to provide complexity and a creamy mouthfeel. Starts off with a smooth coffee flavor that finishes with a silky chocolate / nuttiness. Made with Ohio Pale Malt from West Branch Malts in Brunswick, Ohio. Available seasonally January-March.
16oz draft $5.50 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crowler $6.50 / 64oz Growleer $11 (Takeout only)
6-Pack $11 (Takeout only)

New Hemisphere – New England Style IPA – 5.8% ABV – (Collab w/ Planted Flag Brewing)
Hazy & Juicy! Originally from the Northeast, this style pushes the boundaries of what hops can do! Notes of Guava & Passionfuit dominate this this beer thanks to NZH-107 hops (a proprietary blend of New Zealand Hops from BSG & New Zealand Hops, LTD.). Flaked oats and flaked wheat contribute to a full mouthfeel and body. Double dry-hopped and Omega 0-52 yeast. Extremely limited one off
16oz draft $6.75 / 8oz $4
32oz Crowler $9 / 64oz Growler $17 (Takeout only)

Kitten Mittons – Kölsch Style Ale – 5.0% – 22 IBU
In 1603 the city of Cologne banned bottom fermenting yeasts, also known as Lager yeast. To still make the desirable crisp light beer that so many people wanted brewers adapted by fermenting top fermenting yeasts, also known as ale yeasts, at colder than normal temperatures. In turn what was created was a crisp lager like beer with ale qualities of fruity esters of pear and under ripe apple. For this beer we used West Branch Malts Pilsner, a small amount of Vienna and Briess White Wheat. Fermented with Wyeast 2565 Kölsch yeast. This beer is crisp and easy drinking with a subtle pear and noble hop finish.
16oz draft $5 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crowler $6.50 / 64oz Growler $11
(Takeout only)

Kilt ‘Em All – Scottish Ale – 5.9% – 27 IBU
Malty with a nuttiness, toffee & caramel finish. Brewed with West Branch Malts Pale Malt, Weyermann Munich light & dark malts, Crisp Brown malt and a small amount of flaked oats. Fermented with Wyeast 1056
16oz draft $5.50 / 8oz draft $3.50
32oz Crowler $6.50 / 64oz Growler $11 (Takeout only)

Allegedly IPA – American IPA – 5.5%
A balanced IPA with Amarillo Cryo, Centennial and Summit hops. Malt and hops balance perfectly in this easy drinking IPA. A bready/cracker malt character leads to a citrusy, piney hop character that finishes slightly dry.
16oz draft $6 / 8oz draft $4
32oz Crowler $7.50 / 64oz Growler $13 (Takeout only)
6-Pack $12 (Takeout only)

6-Packs Available for Takeout Only

Sunshine Blue – Fuited American Wheat Ale – 5%
Our American Wheat Ale with blueberries and a subtle ginger finish. Available seasonally from Spring – Summer
6-Pack $11 (Takeout only)

Ask your bartender for available 1/6 bbl & 1/2 bbl kegs for sale. $75 keg deposit on all Lager Heads Brewing Co. keg sales

Brewery & Tap Room Hours
Sunday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4PM-9PM ($2 off Growler Fills)
Thursday: 4PM-9PM ($1 off full sized drafts & Crowlers, $3 off Pizzas dine-in only)
Friday: 4PM-9PM
Saturday: 12PM-9PM

Firkin Friday – 10 Gallon infused cask – First Friday of every month

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